The Themes

There are two themes and one sprite sheet used for the competition. Both must be somehow incorporated into every game.

Theme One (voted theme):
Theme Two (random theme):
White Picket Fence
Sprite Sheet:

The Games

The games entered so far can be found here. Thanks Christoph (kingsachi) for the Java Game Tome API! Currently, all games from the Tome are listed for testing. These games are not actually entries.

Welcome to JGO Comp 2008

This is a 3.5-day (84 hour) game competition, nestled halfway between 48 hours and one week. This means that submissions will be simple, but not too simple. All games must be written in Java and follow all rules for entry listed below.

The contest is intended to be enjoyed by members of, but is open to absolutely anyone who follows the rules. It is created by Eli Delventhal and hosted by Over-The-Counter Software. If all goes well, the contest will occur annually in August every year.

The Rules