Dread Maze

If you are on Mac, beware that due to Apple fucking up Java applets this will flicker. Instead, download and run the JAR directly: DOWNLOAD.

This is a game made for the Ludum Dare 48 hour game programming competition. The theme was "alone." It's called Dread Maze, because you are a hero going into the deep dark depths of a labyrinth all by yourself. You need to defeat minotaurs, skeletons, and more, in your quest to save the princess or whatever. By the way, you can never save her. The dungeon is procedurally generated and goes on forever.

To play, click anywhere you've seen. The hero will run there and attack anything in his way. He will also pick up anything in his way, as long as the item is better than what he has already. Remember that, it's not a glitch. :-) If you're not picking something up, it's because you've already got better.

Every 5 levels there is a boss battle. The boss is very strong and will likely beat you unless you run away and look for a potion. Potions periodically spawn during the battle, so if you're low on health go find one.

I made a high score system but didn't finish integrating it in time. I will add it as a post compo thing.